e-ACR ACR Tracking System

An annual Confidential Report, ACR is an evaluation of the concerned government employees’ annual performance. The e-ACR system will digitize the entire manual process and make the process of ACR submission, review and counter-signing paperless and to be finally used in the e-PSB (Provincial Selection Board).

  • Accountability of the process.
  • Ensures a transparent procedure.
  • Database for future reference.
  • ACR Tracking System can be integrated with other performance management systems as well.
How does it work
  • The establishment department and other attached departments generate the procedure of collecting ACRs according to the HR listing through the ACR Tracking system.
  • A calendar entry for ACR form submission is generated.
  • The employee fills out the e-ACR form which is submitted through the ACR Tracking system to the Reporting officer and Concerned officer.
  • The PSB either grants or denies the employee in question a promotion based on the conclusion of the review. The minutes of the meeting is issued followed by a formal notification.
  • The reporting officer, after reviewing the form, submits it through the ACR Tracking system facilitated with Forward and Review Date.
  • ACR’s quantification takes place and, the e-ACR is submitted to the e-PSB when required.