District Performance Monitoring Framework

The District Performance Monitoring Framework (DPMF) is developed to monitor functioning of the district governments. The system introduces a culture of quantified performance management of district governments, which ultimately leads to effectively service delivery to the citizen at local level. This system requires online monthly data entry from all districts. The data is directory collected from all 25 districts by the Deputy Commissioner office. The DC office collects this data from multiple district offices and then update it into online system after verification. The system evaluates the performance of the districts using 200 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Domicile Management System is also an optional part of the system which can be enabled on the request of DC office. Currently, domicile module is active in District Mardan, Malakand, Nowshera and Haripur.
  • KPIs data collection and submission on monthly basis
  • Department-wise comparative analysis reports of the districts
  • Data verification proforma generation and data verification report submission by CS office
  • District data submission status reports
  • Integration of new district-level departments by back office admin portal
  • KPIs and KPI targets management from back office admin portal
  • Domicile management system for DC office
Features Provisions
  • Linking of KPI with budget, and planning
  • Evidence-based planning and management of government resources
  • Identification of critical gray area and timely response
  • Performance management
  • Integrating the performance with ACR of the employee

Implementation Status

The system is currently implemented in all 27 districts and DC offices are providing data on monthly basis
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How It Works

  • DC office collects the data from all district level departments via the pre-defined proformas
  • DC office validates the data and feeds it into the system
  • Deadline for data collection and feeding in system is 10th of each month
  • CS office generates monthly reports from the system to compare performance of the districts
  • Performance of the Deputy commissioners are evaluated and highlighted in their quarterly meeting with chief secretary based on the reports generated from the system

To monitor and quantify the performance of district governments

Public Service Delivery

To ensure public service delivery

Achieving Objectives

To make sure that district-level departments are working towards achieving their objectives

Report Generation

To generate performance report/overview for chief secretary/chief minister regarding the performance of district level governments

Digitized Domicile

To provide an easy way for digitized domicile record management for DC office


Some User Interfaces

Total number of sector/departments in each district
Number of KPIs in all Departments
Total Number of Domiciles issued via system
Jan 2016
Active Since