Sustainability And Enforcement of Governance Initiatives

The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has launched a comprehensive reforms strategy to streamline the governance processes and improve service delivery across the entire public sector. The strategy came at the final year of the government since a legal and structural foundation was pre-requisite for launching the same. The strategy has put a new soul into the rusted system by revitalizing the government machinery. Things related to dispensation of official business and public service delivery have started to change as a result of a multi-diamentional strategy and launch of a complete package of interventions. It included amendments in a number of laws, rules and regulations followed by simplification of various procedures and notification of SOPs. Furthermore, the time bound tasking to officers and performance evaluation under E&D Rules has amplified the timely disposal of official business.
Resultantly, a massive backlog of pendency has been cleared in terms of rules to be notified under the newly promulgated laws, service rules, departmental enquiries, long awaited promotions, and filling of vacant positions. Apart from this, many significant initiatives like reaching out to the public via Khuli Kacheris and KP Citizen Portal have largely restored the public trust in the government machinery. Besides others, enforcement of file tracking system and development of HR database has added new dimensions to day to day official affairs.
Traditionally, public sector has been efficient in initiating reforms yet the same are rarely sustained on account of changed priorities and lack of strategy to embed the same in the government systems. Therefore, the government feels that after laying of legal foundation and erecting a structure of reforms, its time to come up with a cohesive and effective strategy for sustainability of all the reforms initiatives, hence to institutionalize the same in order to gain dividend in the long term. Thus, the SOP is framed with an aim to enlist major governance-related activities and to ensure sustainable enforcement of the same for better service delivery.

The rationale for the SOPs and underlying philosophy is to accomplish support in attaining good governance by placing focus on sustainability aspect.

Performance Management & Reforms Unit O/O the Chief Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The SOP covers all initiatives mentioned at annexure-I and applies to all Administrative Departments, their attached Directorates & field formations, Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners.

Compliance of the given list of activities at Appendix-I shall be binding upon all Administrative Secretaries, Head of attached department / organization, head of autonomous bodies, Divisional Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners, and their performance will be evaluated upon the same. In case of failure concerned officers will liable to be proceeded under Efficiency & Disciplinary Rules 2011 for misconduct and inefficiency.

Performance Evaluation & Accountability