Latigation Management Information System

Litigation Management Information System will be a web-based computer application that will be implemented for tracking and monitoring of a case from its institution to disposal. This system will be fully integrated with provincial government, all administrative departments, attached formations, Advocate General and all District Attorneys.
  • Efficient centralized & searchable repository for Cases
  • Case Monitoring - to record information about a legal case and onward proceedings
  • Knowledge Base- derive best benefits from experience.
  • Workflow-Based System)
  • Case Status & Progress Monitoring
  • Notifications & Alerts
  • Progress Reviews & Analytics
  • Computerization of records / Archiving
  • Dashboard and Reports
Features Provisions
  • Integration with AG office, High court and Supreme court
  • Case Reporting System
  • Contempt of Court Notices automation via SMS and App
  • Smartphone App for citizen for tracking their cases

Implementation Status

The system is implemented in 2 departments of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in pilot mode and will be replicated to attached units, districts
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How It Works

  • A dashboard based access will be provided to all line departments, attach units, districts for managing their cases registered against them
  • Law department has centralized access to all cases by court type, department wise, cases success rate, failure rate in the province
  • The focal person (litigation section) will input information about the case, case hearing and next hearing date
  • Filters, analytics and drill-down reports are available for case tracking, new cases, response submission status, etc
  • The department ensures the compliance of updated information about their cases and their associated information
E System

All cases will be transacted, tracked and disposed-off electronically

Effective Coordination

Effective coordination between Government officers & advocates

Message System

The Messaging System or Case Communication System


Event Tracking like issuance of summon, next hearing, filing of reply etc

Mobile App

Mobile App for quick communication and coordination


Reports to view the statistics of all cases department wise/ court wise / officer wise/ case wise