KP Citizen’s Portal

The KP Citizen’s Portal is a highly interactive mobile application aimed at serving information and services, dissemination of information, citizen engagement, and redressal of public complaints. The effective use of modern ICT-based and e-governance tools helping citizen in getting latest information about essential citizen services, i.e. domicile, fard, and birth certificate, etc. Besides, the system implements a closed loop regarding complaint management works as the helping hand for the government officers supervised by the Secretaries, Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners in the Districts in effective resolution of citizen grievances.

Since 2018, the KP Citizen’s Portal has been extended to the whole of country and now it is available under “Pakistan Citizen Portal”, managed by Prime Minister Performance Delivery Unit (PMDU) based in Prime Minister’s office.

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  • Complaint Registration and Tracking
  • Public Polling
  • Public Announcements (related to emergency, law and order, public notice)
  • Food Price of essential commodities
  • Government Jobs
  • Government Tenders
  • E-Citizen (apply for e-domicile, revenue cases tracking)
  • Citizen’s application tracking
  • KP Internship portal
  • How do I ? (Information related how to get various citizen services (Birth certificate, marriage certificate, domicile, Fard, driveling license, arms license etc. ) in the context of a procedure, location, price
Features Provisions
  • Information and Service Gateway for all government services
  • Submission of electronic services (Vehicle registration, online apply to government school, colleges, apply for load, etc)
  • E-payment
  • Citizen participation in policy-making, budget and developmental plans
  • Citizen perception surveys

Implementation Status

The system is implemented in 1500 offices of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where actual complaints are received, reviewed and resolved.
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How It Works

  • The citizen has to download the mobile application available for Android and iPhone smartphones from Google Play Store and Apple AppStore with title “KP Citizen’s Portal”
  • The Citizen install the app, get registered, afterward obtain information, submit complaints and track revenue cases, and applications submitted to government offices.
  • The user registered their complaint received an automatic complaint code through which the citizen can track the status of his complaint
  • The complaint is automatically assigned to Deputy Commissioner of the concerned district through an online dashboard-based portal. The focal person either assign the complaint to the concerned officer(s) or resolved by himself. The officer has to resolve the complaint from 0 to 15 days, after 15 days the complaint is escalated to Commissioner and after 22 days the complaint is escalated to the Chief Secretary
  • The citizen is informed about the decision on his complaint
  • The citizen rate his level of stratification in term of time and quality rendered in the processing of his complaint
  • Through a central dashboard, the complaints are categorized. Several analytics includes registration status, complaint status (new, pending and resolved), Citizen feedback analysis, complaint analysis, category wise complaints, citizen satisfaction

To provide reliable and effective mechanism for redressal of public grievances relating to the dispensation of government services in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP)

Two way communication

To enable two-way communication between the citizens and the Government institutions to track their grievances and get feedback


To provide better insight into Governance issue through public participation and feedback


Reduction in the cost of service to citizen by providing government information to the public through a dedicated mobile app


Ensure transparency in government-public interactions

Single interaction point

To provide a single interaction point for the citizen in obtaining electronic services i.e. e-domicile, file tracking, and revenue record tracking etc


Some User Interfaces

Citizen Registered
Complaint Received
Complaint Resolved
Citizens Feedback
Satisfied Citizens