KP Internship Portal

The internship portal is an exclusive online internship portal/app for registration/application of the interns. The interns can apply for a number of internships either through KP Citizen’s Portal or online web portal. The department can shortlist the internship based on different parameters (academic profiling) etc. The Planning & Development Department will be the custodian of the system for monitoring & evaluation. The entire process of apply and subsequent selection process will available online for general public for transparency purpose making this application First Right to Information (RTI) Compliant application in Pakistan.
  • Interns Registration
  • Interns Profiling (academic, skills and experience)
  • Interns Apply system
  • SMS-based notification system
  • Departments – internship announcements, shortlisting
  • Departments – Progress reporting on Interns
  • Certificate award and printing
  • Centralized dashboard
Features Provisions
  • Extension to Job Portal
  • Extended to Skilled workforce Portal)
  • CV Databank
  • Employment linkages with employment exchange, foreign office etc

Implementation Status

The system will implement in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa once ADP 2018-19 finalized.
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How It Works

  • A citizen can apply for internship either through KP Citizen Portal App or dedicated Internship Portal
  • Citizen can register him/herself for internship by providing basic information, academic profiling, skills and experience
  • Citizen can apply for internship based on the internship announced by the departments
  • Departments can post/announce internship in various categories by qualification parameters
  • Department can shortlist the interns and select accordingly
  • The interns are informed via SMS and email about his/her selection
  • The interns submit online arrival for a particular internship. The interns once submit arrival will not be able to apply for another internship
  • The interns have to submit their monthly progress report online to the system
  • The department can review the progress of the interns through their departmental dashboard
  • Upon the successful completion of the internship, department can issue certificate from the system and can be publically available on KP internship portal for verification purpose

Improvement resulting over the existing method regarding accuracy, timeliness


Centralized management of interns, monitoring their performance and tracking progress


Mobile App for quick communication and coordination


Provision of completion certificate (online, verifiable)


Some User Interface