Efficiency Tracking System

Activity/Efficiency tracking system is a web-based application that facilitates the task assignment and progress tracking to all tiers of KP Government. The system has been successfully deployed in all provincial departments (Secretary levels) and district administration (Deputy Commissioner level). The secretaries and deputy commissioners can also create and link subtasks to chief secretary directions/task and track the progress of their subordinates via the system. The system is linked to KP Employees Portal (mobile app) and officers get notifications when new tasks are assigned to them. Officers can then provide progress on the tasks from their mobile phone. Till date, 2442 tasks have been created and assigned to 8000+ officers
  • Create tasks and assigned to any officer
  • Comments/responses against the tasks assigned
  • Officer can track and complete the tasks via mobile app
  • Follow up against assigned task
  • Scoring of the officers based on the task progress
  • Analytical and comparative reports
  • Sub-tasks creation and assignment to all government offices
  • Recursive task to ensure the implementation of sustainability policy
Features Provisions
  • Monitoring the performance of Ministers, MPAs and MNAs
  • Tracking the performance of 100 days reforms agenda (daily, weekly and monthly progress)
  • Performance management of Top institutions

Implementation Status

The system is implemented in all officers/departments of the KP government
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How It Works

  • Chief secretary creates a task with deadline and deliverables
  • Chief secretary then assigns the task to officers across different government tiers (secretaries, DCs, Commissioners and any other levels)
  • Officers get alerts on their mobile app and the task appears in their task timeline
  • Officers can either provide response and complete the task from their mobile app/web base dashboard or they create sub tasks and assign it to his/her sub-ordinates
  • Once the task is complete in all respects, the officer marks the task as completed in the system with required deliverable
  • A progress report at CS dashboard shows the status of the task with responses/comments from the officer
  • CS can re-open the task for any officer if the deliverable is not satisfactory with comments
  • If the task is complete, CS can assign score to officer based on the quality of response
Assign Tasks

To provide a convenient way for chief secretary to assign tasks to any tier of government

Efficient Direction

To ensure efficient distribution of chief secretary’s directions


To track the progress of officers against the tasks assigned to them

Follow Up

Follow-up against the tasks assigned and visualize progress on dashboard


Assign quantified scores to officers based on the tasks progress


Plan with precision & Meet all deadlines on time


Some User Interface

Total number of tasks created
Common Tasks
Special Tasks
Total assignment (tasks assigned to officers)
Completed assignments