Human Resource Management System

The KP Government lacked a comprehensive and retrievable online personnel database, which contained their data, service history, academic, training, inquires and ACRs (performance reports). The HRMS is a web application that records and maintains HR-related data of all government employees. The centralized Human resource management system allows government departments to have secured and up-to-date record of each employee working in the government. This system would go a long way in the carrier planning and decision making by the supervisory officers as regards to their subordinates. It is also integrated with Integrated performance management system. The system is linked with other performance monitoring systems that will help the government to identify individual employees who demonstrate consistently low performance. The system will help Establishment Department to execute transfer posting based on performance. The system provides comprehensive details about each civil officer bio-data, qualifications, training and posting held. This will allow better decision-making and management of human resources in the province.
  • HR Basic Profiling
  • Service History, Service Posting and Transfers
  • Academic profiling
  • Training Calendar (Management Trainings Tracking)
  • Inquiry management
  • Reporting
  • Dashboard
  • Pension envelope system
  • E-PSB system
Features Provisions
  • Centralize Manamgnet of HR across the province
  • Allocation of HR to a particular portfolio by experience, and qualification
  • Emergency pool
  • Clustering of a group of officers for a particular task

Implementation Status

The system is implemented in all offices of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Establishment Department is using the system for transfers and postings. The system is integrated with electronic selection board and pension envelope system.
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How It Works

  • A dashboard based access is provided to all line departments, attach units, districts for managing their own employees
  • Establishment department has centralized access to all the records of officer/officials in the province
  • The focal person (establishment or general wing) to providing the details of basic bio data, qualification, service history, training, inquiries and dependent information
  • Filters, analytics, and drill-down reports are available for the consumption of HR data at Department level
  • The department ensures the compliance of updated information about their employees and their associated information
Effective HR planning

Augment the provincial integrated human resource information System for Government of KPK for effective human resource planning


Enable planning of the workforce and determine the effective size of public service through human resource management information

Data duplication

Avoid duplication of work through the availability of timely and accurate on-line information from centralized database of available human resource

Integrated System

Enable financial transactions relating to payroll, pensions, passages to be effected in a more coordinated and cost-effective manner through integrated system.

Data Analysis

Facilitate the analysis of data for monitoring and strategic planning as well as informed decision making at various levels

Optimization of resources

Enable a judicious allocation and use of resources (human and financial) across the service (Optimization of resources)

Verification through SMS

Employee’s service card verification system through SMS/electronically for security agencies


Empower employees to access their details and also facilitate their interaction with the HR Section through employee self-service application


Integration with performance management system