Provincial Internship Policy

After the decade long war against terror and restoration of peace as a result of operation Zarb-i-Azab (2014), the situation demands to properly take care of the youth. This can only be done when the youth is engaged into healthy activities and are groomed in a right direction in the best national interest. Prior to any professional career, capacity building of the youth is essential in contributing to improved economic and social outcomes. There is wide recognition that capacity building and training at any stage of practical and professional life are prerequisites to economic and social development. Keeping in view the above, the Policy is framed to engage the qualified youth of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/FATA into the development sector of the government for better future prospects


The Policy aims to launch a long term program to help young graduates/certificate holders of professional courses in different fields and to develop their intellectual skills and provide them experiences that encourage them to become contributing, caring members of their communities and also make them aquatinted with functioning of the government machinery.

Expected Accomplishments


Policy Governing Authority

To the extent of this policy in its present state or changes (if any) to be done from time to time, Planning & Development Department will act as the policy governing authority. The PMRU will develop an exclusive online internship portal/website titled as “KP-Internship Portal” for registration/application of the interns. The Planning & Development Department will be the custodian of the system for the purpose of monitoring & evaluation.

Role of the Departments

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

The departmental internship management committee shall hire internees while adhering to the following

  1. 16 years HEC recognized degree, 3 years diploma of associate engineer, paramedic/technician courses, or any other recognized diploma after intermediate in technical field from a recognized regulatory body
  2. This internship is exclusively for the candidates having domicile of KP/FATA
  3. Age limit would be up to 29 years and there will be no age relaxation on any ground
  4. Selection shall be made on any of the following basis :

Procedure for hiring internees

Step-I (Internship Sponsoring Department)

The concerned department/organization shall after approval of the project, upload the following details on KP-Internship Portal

Note: No internee shall be hired without registration on the KP-Internship Portal. Furthermore, in case of pre-mature termination of the intern, the next candidate to be considered shall be from the of eligible candidates’ list.

Period of Internship

Since projects are regularly approved from the competent forums therefore the hiring departments/directorates/organizations shall engage internees in their development projects throughout the year. Furthermore, hiring of internees shall be a continuous process and the period of internship (for the internee) in a particular project shall in no case be more than one year except the following :


The period of internship for the graduates falling in the given categories may be two years subject to the condition that the project life is two or more years and his/her performance is satisfactory


An internee shall be paid on station stipend @ 25000 P.M or as per the prevailing wage rate whichever is higher. However, all other expenses (e.g. expenses borne on fare, accommodation, food, photocopying etc) in case of out station duty as assigned from time to time, shall be permissible on actual.

Provision for Stipend

Every project PC-I shall have specific provisions for stipend as per the authorized strength of internees per project per year.

Mode of payment

There shall be no cash payment in any case and the stipend or other expenses borne by the internee in dispensation of his/her duty shall be paid through bank cheques.

Termination of Interns

The interns shall be terminated upon the following

  • Successful completion of the internship period (automatic termination).
  • Any mis-conduct on part of the internee in terms of disclosure of official information, wilful absence from duty, late arrival for duty, wilful damage to assigned gadgets, mis-behave with colleagues etc.
  • Non-availability funds.


  • Hiring of internees shall not be as per need of the department rather as per need of the project or as deemed appropriate.
  • Projects having onetime activity shall not engage any internees such as purchase of equipment etc. or as deemed appropriate to the competent forum.
  • Projects with a life less than a year shall not engage any internee.
  • A candidate once availed the internship opportunity shall in no case be eligible for another internship in any other provincial department.
By title, an internee will be regarded as “Project Associate”. This shall be treated as official designation of the intern especially on his internship ID card, certificates and other official correspondence.

Completion of Internship & certification

In case of completion of the internship period, the internee will be entitled to one of the following

Experience Certificate

In case the internee during his internship period, strictly adhere to the above laid down terms & conditions, code of conduct and earn satisfactory performance report from the reporting officer, he/she will be awarded experience certificate (equal to the certificate mentioned in the project policy) bearing weightage of 7 marks in the selection process under project policy. For experience certificate, there will be a uniform template and to be downloaded from the KP-Internship Portal after the candidate successfully completes the internship period.

Internship certificate

Upon ordinary completion of the internship period or if the candidate fails to submit his/her terminal report, the internee will be provided only Internship Certificate on the official letter head of the sponsoring department carrying no weightage in terms of marks.

Monitoring & Evaluation

The PMRU to device a built-in monitoring mechanism within KP-Internship portal. By this, the sponsoring departments shall submit quarterly assessment reports of each intern covering all parameters of the above mentioned code of conduct. This is further to enable the P&D Department to easily monitor & evaluate performance of the interns on quarterly basis.