An inquiry management system is a digital assistance facility provided in the form of an integrated performance management system which streamlines the process of running an inquiry against the concerned officers. The dashboard facilitates the authority in 4 dimensions.

  1. Inquiry profile
  2. Officers Panel
  3. Inquiry against officers
  4. Dashboard

The inquiry profile bears the source, type and nature of the inquiry. The officer's panel comprises the relevant officers assigned to be in the panel of inquiry, the officers present on the spot as well as the documents concerned with the inquiry. The details of the penalty, its type and the officer against whom the inquiry is held are to be notified. The dashboard provides a detailed analysis of the Source, type of inquiry, Designations involved, and commonness of the prevailing issue.

  • Effortless Multi-dimensional Inquiry Management.
  • Centralised NAB and other relevant Inquiry activities.
  • Segmentation of Inquiries.
  • Monitoring and Tracking of Inquiries.
  • Effective Inquiry Filtering and Nurturing.
  • Detailed Inquiry Reports, Insights & Analytics.
  • Integrated with performance review dashboard.
  • Maintain check and balance.
  • Evaluate inquiry status at any instant in time.
  • Broad Spectrum Analysis.
How does it work
  • A new inquiry is initiated against the Government employee based on sources such as NAB, Anti-corruption tribunal, special report or confidential report.
  • An inquiry profile is built stating the title and description of the inquiry type and nature.
  • An inquiry committee is constituted and is provided with the requisite TORs and documents relevant to the inquiry.
  • Details of the employee against whom the inquiry is being conducted are also mentioned.
  • The inquiry is conducted based on the analysis of the relevant documentary material.
  • After completion of the inquiry, the employee is either exonerated or charged with a major or minor penalty as deemed fit.