Vehicle Management System

This system allows department to keep track of all government vehicles, fuel consumption, service history and allocation of vehicles to employees. It has associate app for concerned Secretary to locate/identify vehicles by quickly searching the registration number as well as have an updated status of the temporary allocation of vehicles to all staff.
  • Vehicles profiling
  • Allotment history
  • Fuel Consumption History
  • Maintenance History
  • Vehicle inspection via smartphone App
  • Clearance certificate
  • Centralized Dashboard
Features Provisions
  • Integration of vehicle tracking system (GPS-based tracking)
  • Automated Auction Management
  • Adding Authorized usage of vehicle, fuel and maintenance in performance indicator of the employee

Implementation Status

The system is implemented in all administrative departments of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and will be replicated to attached units, districts
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How It Works

  • A dashboard based access is provided to all line departments, attach units, districts for managing their vehicles
  • Administration department has centralized access to all the records of all type of vehicle in the province.
  • The focal person (general, transport wing) will provide the details of vehicle, make, model, year, purchase date, allotment, fuel consumption, and maintenance information.
  • Filters, analytics and drill-down reports are available for identifying the vehicle and fuel usage.
  • The department ensures the compliance of updated information about their vehicles and their associated information.
Electronic Repository

To ensure the effective disposal of the file across the Departments

Emergency Need

To improve coordination and reallocation of vehicles in case of any specific need (disaster etc.)

Cost Effective

Efficient Fuel usage

Maintenance Cost

Maintenance of vehicles

Overdue Checkups
Comply with Regulations

Administration Department Guidelines on Usage of Government Vehicle


Some User Interfaces

Total vehicles registered
Total vehicles Pool
Total vehicles Allocated