KP Employee Portal

A mobile application for chief secretary, secretaries, commissioners, deputy commissioners and head of department for proactive governance and decision-making. The app provides an executive dashboard presenting threshold-KPIs. The system provides insights into human resource system, task assignment, over-due tasks, pending files, complaints status etc. This is Pakistan first government employee personalized app (Smartphone Based) including view service history, service duration, posting/transfer, activity tracking assigned, pending, overdue, assignment of new task, File tracking pendency, section wise pendency, overdue files, blinking of time over run files, complaints pendency, and officer wise complaints etc.
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  • Employee Service History
  • Activity Tracking module
  • File Tracking module
  • Pension processing module
  • Complaint management module
  • Dashboard and Reports
Features Provisions
  • Complete solution for mobile-Governance (m-office)
  • ADP and Development portfolio of the department
  • Finance management system
  • Ligation management system
  • Summary and note approvals
  • Broadcast directions to peers and subordinates
  • ACR processing
  • Vehicle management
  • HR planning
  • District management system (disaster management, communication network etc)

Implementation Status

The system is implemented and access is granted to all administrative secretaries, commissioners, deputy commissioners.
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How It Works

  • A dashboard based access is provided to line departments, attach units, districts for managing pension cases
  • The dashboard shows a list of retiring employees in upcoming month, year etc
  • The department initiates the case, input basic information (to be provided by the retiring employee) and the system subsequently generate all documents with few clicks
  • Upon approval of these system-generated documents, all documents are handed over to the retiring employee
  • Retiring employee can track the status of his/her pension case through KP employee portal.
  • Filters, analytics and drill-down reports are available for upcoming pension case, missing documents etc
  • The department ensures the compliance of updated information about pension cases and their associated information in HR database
Decision Making

Proactive decision making on over-due files, complaints and tasks


Mobile-office (e-Governance)

Timely Information

Availability of timely information regarding chief secretary’s directions

Speedy Directions

Speedy directions on sensitive and urgent matters


Some User Interfaces