team member
Dr Muhammad Akif Khan Deputy Director (e-Governance )

Dr Muhammad Akif Khan is a digital enthusiast hailing from Mardan, a beautiful city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, leading e-governance projects at PMRU since 2016. From transforming PMRU starting as an inbound platform to a centre of excellence that is enhancing government innovation and performance management, he has been consistently improving the implementation of ICT projects in the Government Sector. With over 18 years of experience, Dr Khan has obtained the privilege of being entitled with 12 international certifications including Project Management Professional (PMP) and COBIT 5. His versatile and diversified background rendered him an extensive portfolio of project management, administration of e-governance mechanisms, citizen friendly projects and smart governance initiatives. His life is a prime example of how ICT tools can bring ease and inclusivity in the lives of the general public. His motivation for undertaking a doctorate in Web Engineering, aside from handling the ‘Dr’ title, is to facilitate his capacity to work in smart Governance & Digital Transformation, e-governance Infrastructure Design & Implementation,Open Government and High-Performance Team building.

Dr Akif is an avid reader, a nature lover, a lost wanderer and a frequent traveller who keeps himself surrounded by nature whether it's his workplace or home. His affiliation with the e-governance mechanisms is an indication of his passion for civic innovation via e-governance.